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1. What is an empanada?


An empanada is a pastry filled with delicious ingredients and served hot. The name comes from the Spanish verb “empanar” meaning “to wrap in dough.” 

Our empanadas are inspired by recipes that were shared from our family who live in the Mendoza region in Argentina (also known for great wines).


A variety of styles of empanadas can be found around the world but Argentine empanadas in particular have a delicate, light, flaky dough, rich fillings, and intricate folding.


2. What exactly am I buying?


You're buying empanadas. Empanadas are awesome! They work well as a meal on their own or with a salad, and can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They make a great meal when you want something quick, easy, and super tasty!


Our empanadas come FROZEN & READY-TO-COOK which means all you have to do is pop 'em in the oven. 


Each package contains a dozen empanadas and just over 1.2 kg. Each empanada is at least 100g - one or two with a soup or salad makes a nice meal.


3. How do I cook them?


We recommend baking our empanadas. The instructions can be found on the back of each package as well as our website


You can also try the air fryer. We have a Foodi Ninja and have gone through a few experimentations air frying them. Our suggestion is to turn the heat down to about 350 and put them on for about 15-17 minutes. 


Another great way to try them is through deep frying. This is a typical way to cook them in Argentina, but you're on your own for that one as we don't have that kind of technology in our kitchen 😂


4.When is the last day I can order?

You can normally order right up until TWO DAYS BEFORE delivery; however, we are asking that all orders for the holidays come in by December 1st.


5. What if I forgot to add something to my order?


We usually carry a few extra goodies, if there's something you'd like to purchase when you pick up, just ask on arrival.


6. What happens if I forgot to pick up my order?


We run a pretty tight ship between deliveries but we do our very best to contact you by phone before we leave for our next stop. 

If we can't get in touch with you, we do have a NO SHOW POLICY. 


If you have ordered a product for delivery to your area and do not show up to pick it up, Mamacita's Empanadas reserves the right to keep the delivery fee associated with your order plus 20% of the product price. A refund of 80% will be applied to NO SHOWS.


We strongly suggest tying a string around your finger. 


7. These things look homemade, is Mamacita's Empanadas legit?


YES! We are so legit (#legit). Our staff are certified food safe and operate in a commercial kitchen certified by Interior Health. Our empanadas look homemade because we roll each one by hand. Yes. Every. Single. One. ❤️


8. I noticed some other products on your website, are those new? 


Why yes, those are new products! Mamacita's Empanadas is expanding our line of Argentine-Canadian products and we now have sauces, dry rubs, and yerba mate tea bags available. You can find more details about each of the products on our website by clicking on the specific product.  


9. I'm having a fiesta ... any chance you can recommend some tunes?


SO GLAD YOU ASKED!! Check out the culture page. There's a Spotify playlist called "Mamacita's Latino Night" that we keep adding to. 


You can also find the answer to what it means when we say:

¡que rica mamacita!

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