que rica mamacita! 


Inspired by the tastes of Argentina, our products bring a full flavour experience and that laid-back lifestyle into your home. 

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At Mamacita's, we hand make all of our empanadas with love. We use our family recipes to create authentic and indulgent Argentine empanadas; and we take pride in delivering delicious food to people who crave that laid back South American feeling. 
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An empanada is a pastry filled with delicious ingredients and served hot. The name comes from the Spanish verb “empanar” meaning “to wrap or coat in bread or dough.” 

Our empanadas are inspired by recipes that were shared from our family who live in the Mendoza region in Argentina (also known for great wines).


A variety of styles of empanadas can be found around the world but Argentine empanadas in particular have a delicate, light, flaky dough, rich fillings, and intricate folding.