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Our Story


The idea behind bringing empanadas into the homes of my friends began with my homesick Argentine husband, Diego. As a surprise, I made empanadas for him one day when he came home from work – a recipe his family put together for me and sent over WhatsApp. He loved them! I started making them for friends and family gatherings and they were a huge success.


In the winter of 2020, I was without work and in need of some extra money. I reminisced about the time I lived in Argentina and was reminded of the entrepreneurial spirit of folks selling empanadas on the side of the road near my Argentine family's home. I decided to mimic what I saw in Argentina and sell my empanadas to friends and through Facebook. It worked, and now here I am supporting my family with Mamacita’s Empanadas.

I’ve been so inspired by the people who tell me stories of how my empanadas bring them back to the time they were in South America; sipping margaritas on the beach, cycling the Carreterra Austral, wine tasting in Malbec country, hiking the Andes, and backpacking the Inca trail. For many people, biting into an empanada brings them back to that laid-back lifestyle.

I have my family to thank for where I am today. I couldn’t have made it this far, or made such delicious empanadas, without them.

"OMG the empanadas were soooooo good!! Andrew and I just sat at the table and made noises about how delicious they were back and forth to each while we ate them LOL thank you for being so talented and offering it to the world!!!"

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