Black Asado Rub (85 g)
  • Black Asado Rub (85 g)

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    Asado Inspired Dry Rub for your favourite meat. 


    Asado isn't just a barbecue or a cultural tradition, it’s a national pride next to fútbol.


    It's a a custom dating back to a time when wild cattle roamed Las Pampas in central Argentina. Back when gauchos lived entirely off the land, eating the tender wild meat of cattle, slow-roasted over an open flame.


    Asado is the purest form of cooking - just a fire, grill, and meat; and our dry rub was inspired by this form of cooking.


    Above all, the tradition of asado is one of social gathering so invite your family, friends, and neighbours to enjoy this delicious meal, and make memories to last a lifetime.



    Shake onto raw meat and rub in. Spice mix will turn darker as it sits on the meat. Let rest on meat for at least 15 minutes before grilling.



    Onion flakes, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, chipotle, salt, organic sugar, activated charcoal.

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